Connext is a trust-minimized bridging protocol that connects your dApp to multiple blockchains, allowing you to bridge assets in a secure manner.

Everything starts with xcall, the cross-chain primitive that enables sending ERC20s or arbitrary calldata across blockchains!

// import Connext contract interfaces

contract MyCrossChainContract {
		    to: <ADDRESS>,
				callData: <ENCODED_CALLDATA>,
		  transactingAsset: <ERC20>,
		  transactingAmount: <AMOUNT>

Your hackathon checklist

  1. Fill out our hacker form to get connected with others
  2. Understand the protocol
    1. How it works
    2. Details of the Amarok upgrade
  3. Get started quickly
    1. with the Solidity Quickstart
    2. with an example using the SDK
    3. using any language with a local http-server
  4. Clone a starter kit
    1. TypeScript SDK and Solidity contracts examples: ‣
    2. Bridge UI example: ‣
  5. Build against the Amarok Testnet
    1. Hackers should use “Production Testnet Contracts”
  6. Familiarize with the various xcall parameters
  7. See how others have done it
    1. NFT Hashi: ‣
    2. Fujicracy:

Current hackathons

EthOnline (September 2nd - 28th)

Signup at:

Connext Bounties [5k USDT in total]

🕵️‍♀️🧑‍💻😎 Best original project built on Connext (2k USDT)

Following todays zeitgeist we are looking for solutions that fit the current narratives

🦵💪🏋️‍♀️ Best crosschain augmentation of an existing protocol (2k USDT)

Augment an existing protocol to make it cross-chain compatible using Connext

🏆🤝🏆 Pool bounty (1k USDT)

All hackathon-registered wallets that make a successful xCall during the hackathon period will split this pool.

Judging Criteria for all prizes